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VIDEO: A Straight Road Was Too Boring For This Suv Driver

There’s a lot of hazards on the road: wild animals, idiot drivers, terrible weather, you name it and it might have a terrible effect on you trying to get from point A to point B.


Sometimes the biggest hazard is yourself. Whether that comes in the form of distracted driving from answering a text or falling asleep on the wheel. In the case of this New Zealander, a big stretch of a very straight road, on a semi-clear day, with no visible moisture on the ground, or any surrounding traffic, was quite challenging for a drive.
It’s uncertain if the driver was asleep or distracted, however, it’s quite clear that hitting a ditch at cruising speeds can be devastating to your entire car (and your life).

The Toyota Land Cruiser managed to get lots of air, destroyed a mailbox, and itself in the process. According to the video’s description “The driver had moderate injuries requiring a helicopter ride to hospital.”

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